Friday, May 11, 2007

OPening man page in vim (linux)

In order to open the man page of any command in vim editor use the following command:

$ man ls | ul -i | vi -

Note: ul turns the underline and bold escape codes into readable format


Adithya Kiran said...

A couple of other cool ways.

1. From the man pages of "man" command,
to get a plain text version of a
man page, without backspaces and
underscores, do the following..

# man man | col -b > man.txt

2. First redirect manual page into a
# man man > man.txt
Now, open man.txt with vim editor.
with vim normal mode, execute the
following command.


Unknown said...

@Adithya Kiran, thanks a lot for the tips.

Adithya Kiran said...

Hi Jadu,

Please update your blog with new tips. I was very much impressed the way you present tips.

Any ways, I want to share two useful tips for vim editor.

1. Whenever you open vim, it will takes you the position where you left off last time in command mode. But if your requirement is to know the last insert position in a file, press "gi" without quotes.

2. Number conversion in vim.

Hexadecimal to decimal
:echo 0x10
Decimal to hexadecimal
:echo printf ('%x\n', 10)

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