Thursday, May 22, 2008

Highlight a field using tput - awk

details.txt is a sample file whose last field has to be highlighted.

$ cat details.txt

Required Output:

Click the picture to get a enlarge view

awk code

$ awk -v B=`tput smso` -v N=`tput rmso` '
BEGIN { FS=OFS=":" }
$NF= B $NF N {print}' details.txt

The screen shot:

Click the picture to get a enlarge view

tput smso/rmso : enables and disables standout mode for a text screen session

$ bold=`tput smso`;offbold=`tput rmso`
$ echo "BASH ${bold}SCRIPTING${offbold}"

The above will print the word SCRIPTING as highlighted.

Same like above:

$ echo "BASH `tput smso`SCRIPTING `tput rmso`"

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