Friday, September 4, 2009

Rename file to uppercase except extension - Bash

My present working directory got the following files.

$ ls -1

Required: Make all file in this directory uppercase but not their extension (ex: image.jpg becoming IMAGE.jpg)

The shell script on the command prompt:

$ ls | while read file
> do
> name=${file%%.*}
> extn=${file##*.}
> newfilename=$(echo $(echo $name | tr 'a-z' 'A-Z').$extn)
> echo "Moving $file to $newfilename"
> mv $file $newfilename
> done

Note: Linux secondary prompt (PS2)
The > (greater than sign) is the Linux secondary prompt (PS2).
When one issues command that is incomplete, the shell will display this prompt and will wait for the user to complete the command and hit Enter again.

Output of the above bash script:

Moving to
Moving readme.txt to README.txt
Moving to
Moving to


$ ls -1

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Anand Subramanian said...

Thank you. I really enjoy your scripting articles.

Boris said...

Amazing ;)

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