Saturday, November 28, 2009

Few important Bash Shell shortcuts

Sharing few of common bash shell shortcuts:

Ctrl + a - Jump to the start of the line
Ctrl + e - Jump to the end of the line

Ctrl + l - Clear the screen
Ctrl + r - Search the history backwards

Ctrl + b - Move back a char
Ctrl + f - Move forward a char

Ctrl + k - Delete to EOL (its actually a 'cut', you can paste using Ctrl + y)
Ctrl + u - Delete backward till begining of the line (its actually a 'cut', you can paste using Ctrl + y)

Alt + b - Move backward by a word
Alt + f - Move forward by a word

Alt + d - Delete word, keep deleting word forward
Ctrl + w - Delete from the cursor position, then one word at a time backward

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Derek Evan Schrock said...

Also a thing to note: set -o vi

Use vi readline mode

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