Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sum numbers in each row - awk

Input file contains the scores of few students in certain rounds of a game in the following format.

id,Name,score1,score2,score3 etc

$ cat file.txt
id9,Mohit Kishore,19,13,14,10
id2,Niraj Kumar,13,8,23,8
id8,Kate Nil,19,18,15
id4,Rashi S,19,28,65,10,19

Required output:

Calculate the sum and average score of each student (notice that the number of rounds played by each student is not constant, few played 3 rounds, few 4 etc)

The awk script:

$ awk '
sum=0; n=0
{sum+=$i; ++n}
print $0,"sum:"sum,"count:"n,"avg:"sum/n
}' file.txt


id9,Mohit Kishore,19,13,14,10,sum:56,count:4,avg:14
id2,Niraj Kumar,13,8,23,8,sum:52,count:4,avg:13
id8,Kate Nil,19,18,15,sum:52,count:3,avg:17.3333
id4,Rashi S,19,28,65,10,19,sum:141,count:5,avg:28.2

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