Sunday, January 31, 2010

Unix - delete file with hyphen at beginning

Accidentally one of my script created a file named '-1264924755.done' (i.e. filename starting with a hyphen).

When I tried to remove this file:

$ rm -1264924755.done

rm: invalid option -- 1
Try `rm ./-1264924755.done' to remove the file `-1264924755.done'.
Try `rm --help' for more information.

This is because the command line parser treats the filename as a command line switch (because of the hyphen). So commands like mv, rm etc treats the file name itself as a parameter(option) to the command.

The ways to delete such files:

1) Referencing the filename to the command via its path location (so that the special character is not the first character after the white space)

$ rm ./-1264924755.done


$ rm ~/work/temptest/-1264924755.done

2) A special way:

$ rm -- -1264924755.done

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dammuozz said...

Thank you! the cp ../folder/-file.ext worked for me!! :)

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