Monday, November 15, 2010

Vi open file at required line number

Sometime we are required to open a file in vim and then need to go to a particular line number in order to check something or to edit something. This is how we can open a file in vim and directly put the cursor on the required line of our interest.

Using vim -c option:

From VIM(1) man page:

-c {command}
{command} will be executed after the first file has been read. {command} is interpreted as an
Ex command. If the {command} contains spaces it must be enclosed in double quotes (this
depends on the shell that is used). Example: Vim "+set si" main.c

Following command will open file '' in vim with the cursor on line number 23.

$ vim -c 23

One can use the + to specify the cursor starting point.

$ vim +23

which is same as

$ vim +23

Without line number, i.e. the following command will open the file in vim and will put the cursor on last line

$ vim +

And as we know just opening a file in vi/vim, the cursor will be on line number one.

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